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Project Manager Information for BACS Projects

Experience has shown that the successful completion of projects involving networked Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS), whether new construction or renovation work, involves a number of cooperating players. These include the Design Engineer, the Contractor, the Controls Shop, EMCS Operations, BACSI and, last but definitely not least, the Project Manager. The purpose of this website is to provide guidance on the role that each of these entities plays during the course of a project along with the relevant standards, procedures and contact information that will ensure a trouble-free and successful project.

  • Design Engineeer The Design Engineer must incorporate the standards related to controls and communication and interoperability. See Standards.

  • Contractor The Contractor must follow the procedures laid out for controls projects. See Procedures.

  • Controls Shop The Controls Shop will ultimately have responsibility for maintenance of the controls installed under a given project and, with the assistance of the PM,
    needs to ensure that the appropriate procedures have been followed. See Procedures.

  • EMCS Operations EMCS Operations will be monitoring all networked projects and needs to be notified by the PM prior to any actions that will affect communication and alarms. See Procedures.

  • BACSI BACSI is responsible for coordinating the allocation of network addresses, BACnet network and device instance numbers and name assignments. See Standards and Procedures.

  • Project Manager The Project Manager needs to ensure that the communications between the Contractor and BACSI, the Controls Shop and EMCS Operations have taken place and that all the procedures have been followed. See Procedures.